Limited Traffic problem!

The ZTL (Limited Traffic Area)? We’ll deal with it!

ztlFor cars of subscription customers we'll insert the plate in permanent white list (allowed to enter the ZTL). The plate will be regularized upon arrival at one of our garages (arrival at the garage must be made within 3 hours by the transition from electrionic door). To regularize Z.T.L. access must the payment of the Municipal Ticket € .1,00, beyond the normal charge to park is necessary. ATTENTION:
  • Access to reserved lanes is excluded (Via XXVII Aprile, Via Dei Benci, Via Lamormora, Via della Stazione, Lungarno Diaz) as they can only be used by authorized staff, therefore not accessible even after insertion of the numberplate in the white list. Traffic is also forbidden to access our garages.
  • Traffic in pedestrian areas is only authorized for loading and unloading luggage of hotels’ guests.
  • The insertion in the white list allows the passage under the telematic doors during the hours prior to the time chosen as time of arrival.

ZTL Limited Traffic Area

The whole area of Florence’s old town centre (approximately the one included among the 19th century ring roads and safeguarded as ‘Unesco Heritage’) is defined, regarding mobility, as a limited traffic area (ZTL). Inside this area, the access, traffic and stopping are all regulated by special rules. The ZTL is bounded by a series of ‘access passages’ which, besides being marked by special signs, are controlled by telematic doors which automatically take the numberplates of all passing vehicles. Among the many ‘passages’ there are some (those exclusively reserved to means of transport and breakdown service) that are always forbidden, 24 hours a day. Tourist who, driving vehicles, have the need to travel within the ZTL to reach an accommodation facility or a garage – passing through the authorized telematic doors, always with the exclusion of lanes reserved to means of transport and of the pedestrian area forbidden 24 hours a day – can make use of a temporary access permit. In order to obtain it, they have to report their own numberplate to the hotelier (or to the garage) which will then transmit it by telematic way to the competent offices.The permit will be given up to a maximum of two hours for transporting luggage and, therefore, as a rule, only for arrivals and departures to and from the accommodation facility (but also in case the tourist cannot be received at the facility for the lack of accommodation capacity). During the guest’s stay, the car has to be parked outside the ZTL or at the hotel’s business or private garage. People holding a ‘disabled parking permit’ who have the necessity to travel with their own vehicle within the ZTL, must contact the following green number: 800 339891.


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